Personalise Your Laser Tag Games to Provide the Best Experience

  For many children, ball games, board games and toys are passed. In many cases, laser tag is the game of choice for kids of all ages in the country. Laser tag is an arcade-style game. It involves tagging opponents with laser beams emitted by handheld infrared devices. Although the game became popular in large … Continued

Become Fitter and More Proficient Each Time You Play Laser Tag

If you’re wondering how you can add some spice and excitement to your boy’s birthday party, the solution can be quite simple. Have you, for instance, considered organising a laser tag party? For the uninitiated, laser tag is a game that involves both skill and precision. In laser tag, one player tries to hit the … Continued

What Equipment Works For a Laser Tag Party?

When getting a laser tag party ready, you have to watch for how different pieces of equipment can work. The items that will be used at a laser skirmish in Sydney should be reviewed properly so you will have the necessity materials on hand for such an event. These can especially make a laser tag … Continued

Laser Tag- Awesome Party for Kids’ Birthday

Laser tag is a beautiful game for teens, kids, and adults. No matter your gender or age, you will find this game really fulfilling. Many people in Sydney, Australia love playing this game due to its awesome features such as: No projectiles No pain No bruising No mess etc The beaming infrared light is visible … Continued

Ten more Facts about Laser Tag

Laser tag is a computerised game- in this case, there is no way of cheating. It is much better than indoor skirmish- the good news is that it guarantees much fun than a lot of indoor gaming activities. Because of all these characteristics listed above, players of this game, believes that it is ideal for … Continued

Why Your Kids Needs to Play Laser Tag Today!

There is no doubt that many kids love to engage in cardio exercises- exercises that will strengthen their physical abilities. Laser tag is one of the reliable games birthday party kids. We are living in the 21st century, and recent child developmental psychology says that as kids begin to grow, they will gradually develop love … Continued

Laser Tag – Comparison with Nerf war parties

During Christmas there is a lot of demand for games which can be fun when played in a group of 10 to 30 players. While Nerf war parties can be fun to play at home, they are not so exciting for a larger group. There are lot of differences between Nerf war parties and laser … Continued

What Makes Laser Tag One of the Best Birthday Party Ideas

Wondering if you should include laser tag games in your kid’s next birthday party? Here are some reasons why you should. Laser Tag Is Safe. If you’re worried about laser tag games being unsafe for your kids and their guests, don’t be. This game makes use of infrared lasers, the same as that used in … Continued

Welcome to Laser Warriors

You are most welcome to our website. We are really excited to see you. Laser warriors is a reliable laser tag company that comes to you- we will treasure every opportunity to serve you. No matter your kid’s preferences and needs, you will see a suitable laser tag game for them. Laser tag game is … Continued

Laser Tag Sydney – Encourage your kid to play Laser Tag

For kids who spend hours every day playing computer games, laser tag Sydney offers them the opportunity to play a tactical shooting game in real life. The best part about laser tag Sydney is that there won’t be any bruises or injuries however there is no compromise in the excitement and fun. Laser tag games … Continued

Laser Tag – A growing alternative to Paintball

With the introduction of open source programming and exciting laser guns, laser tag games are catching up to paintball. When people think of laser tag, they conjure visuals of black lit arenas with techno music to simulate a military mission and combat situation. Laser tag offers an environment which is meant to simulate true combat … Continued

Laser Tag – Architectural Design of the Laser Tag Arena

Once you have identified the location, architectural design of the laser tag arena is the next important step. Once the site plan for the laser tag arena is agreed, the build out of the infrastructure and requirements of the arena are sorted out. With the site plan in place, the local architect needs to develop … Continued

Laser Tag – Reasons why laser tag is so popular among kids

Kids love playing computer games, however that doesn’t involve any physical activity which is why Laser tag games are getting exceedingly popular as they offer excellent gaming experience and also involve physical activity. Laser tag games are completely safe and always played under a set of rules with professionals monitoring the proceedings. Laser tag games … Continued

Laser Tag – Important Tips for Laser Tag Events

Important Tips for Laser Tag Events  One of the best times of the year for outdoor laser tag events is definitely Spring. The Spring break offers a great opportunity for the young and the old to play laser tag games. In order to offer impeccable customer service and high quality gaming experience, LaserWarriors recommend the … Continued

An Outdoor Laser Tag Party Can Be Thoroughly Entertaining

The realistic game environment of laser tagis ideal for outdoor setup too. The playgrounds usually portray real world scenarios. For instance, many playing zones will resemble cities ravaged by war. As such, the zones will feature broken buildings and a deformed landmass. The setting of battered buildings and a network of alleys provides the perfect … Continued

Laser Tag – The Evolution over the Years

Laser Tag introduced around 28 years back in the US and since that time, it has ascended in the entertainment world as a great attraction which can add to any facility’s mix. However, in those days the laser tag guns used to be heavy, cumbersome and bulky. With the advancements in technology, we now have … Continued