Skirmish – Learning to play Laser Tag games

Laser skirmish is a fun game which can be played with your friends and colleagues. To start with, try to know the playing arena like the back of your hand. In the briefing room, ideally there would be an arena map which is worth studying.
Wear dark clothes because the UV lights would make white and light colour glow and hence make you an easy target. Understand the rules of the game, learn the scoring system and how long one will be deactivated when hit. Start with a protected area before launching an attack.
Aim at the higher scoring zones on the opponent’s laser tag vest. Once you are shot, seek cover and evade other players hitting you again. Communication is extremely important during a laser skirmish where you can request your buddy to cover your blind spots. Work as a team whilst you advance and always crouch low keeping your back to the wall.

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