Skirmish – Laser tag game safety rules

In order to ensure a fun filled yet safe laser skirmish experience one needs to follow basic safety rules. There shouldn’t be any physical contact between the players so that one can play in a safe environment. Inappropriate language for kids should be always discouraged to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

There shouldn’t be any running through the laser skirmish arena as it increases the risk of slipping and falling into other individuals. Players jumping through the perimeter wall or landing incorrectly can injure themselves and hence there should be no jumping. Lying down or kneeling to conceal their location is fine, however prolonged use of this strategy can create a harmful situation where other players can trip over someone and injure themselves.

Laser skirmish games are usually played in darkened environments with fog, haze and lot of noise. Hence, it is quite easy to get disoriented and forget the safety instructions. However, there are professional supervisors who supervise the laser skirmish game and either warn or penalize players whenever they break any safety rule.

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