Wet Weather

When the weather is poor, your child’s safety is our main priority.

Our equipment is waterproof, and there is no danger of electrical shocks (the Blasters use 4 AA batteries for power). However, its never really fun to play in heavy rain (well – some kids may have a different view!) and the slippery conditions and poor visibility can make play dangerous.

  • We always halt the game if there is thunder, lightning or heavy rain.
  • Games can continue in light rain or intermittent drizzle.
  • If there is heavy rain forecast then you may then prefer to postpone until our next available date – at no extra charge.
  • Whilst our deposits are non-refundable, we aim to be as flexible as possible when the weather is bad.
  • The full fee is payable once we have departed for your event, so please notify us as promptly as possible of any postponement or change in plans prior to us departing for your event.