Planning a Laser Skirming Sydney Event At a Carnival or Other Festival

laser tag party in the park sydney uni

One of the most popular reasons why people look to host laser tag in the park is to add something fun to a fair or carnival. Laser tag is more exciting than many other things that you might see at a carnival in Sydney. It is about being active and running around while working with others to go after certain targets.

But you must know what to do if you wish to plan a laser skirming Sydney game at a carnival. There are several points that you can use when figuring out how to get laser tag to work for such a special occasion.

Create a Good Space

Your carnival or festival space needs a good amount of room for laser tag. Many laser tag games operate within spots that are large enough to handle four to eight people on a side. Some game fields may be as large as a typical basketball court.

Get Enough Obstacles Ready

You would require various obstacles around your laser tag field to make it worthwhile. These obstacles can be placed evenly around your playing field. These are places that people can use for cover during a match.

Areas with trees are great places too. You should still have enough room to add pick-ups or other obstacles as you see fit.

Set a Time Limit

An appropriate time limit is needed when planning a laser tag in the park session. A time limit of about five to ten minutes for a game is often good enough. This provides people with enough time to compete while ensuring more can have access to the game during the day.

Gather Enough Materials

A good rule of thumb is to have enough laser tag materials for at least twelve to twenty people. This is enough for larger groups that want to have fun on your laser tag field at a carnival.

A carnival or festival will be one of the best occasions for laser skirming Sydney participants will love. Contact Laser Warriors to see how laser tag in the park can fit into your carnival plans.

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