Party for Kids Birthday: 3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Laser Tag Skills

outdoor birthday party with laser tag


There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as going to a laser tag birthday party. It’s something that you’re never going to forget. However, beginners can find it a bit unfair while battling it out with more experienced players.


As one of the most experienced specialists of laser tag party for kids’ birthday, the experts at Laser Warriors have decided to level the playing field by providing you with some of the most effective tips. These tips and tricks will take you from a laser tag novice to an expert instantly. Let’s take a look:


1. How to Prepare For a Laser Tag Game

First and foremost, choose clothes that can help you blend seamlessly with the surroundings. Wearing clothes in darker natural colours is often a safer option. Secondly, choose comfortable athletic shoes that can help you run and walk freely.


Woman should never wear heels or sandals to the laser tag party for kids’ birthday. Laser tag requires you to be on your toes throughout the game and that can result in some excessive sweating. So, hydrate properly before and during the game. If possible, bring a water bottle with you.


2. How to Defend Yourself in Laser Tag?

Get familiarised with the layout as soon as possible. Identify the vantage points and areas that can provide you a good cover when you need it. That being said; playing a defensive game is not as much fun as defeating your enemies and finishing the activities.


Keep moving and shooting whenever you get an opportunity. Walking sideways can offer you a better protection. If possible, don’t face your opponents directly as in this case the chances of hitting you are way more than when you are in a sideways position.


3. How to Attack In Laser Tag?

If you’re new to laser tag, the best attack strategy that work nearly every time is to keep shooting in the direction of your enemies’ sensors. This is a good technique even if you’re not skilled enough to take aim properly. It’s also a great adrenaline rush and it doesn’t require any special skills or experience.


For more information or hosting a laser tag party for kids’ birthday, visit the leading specialists – Laser Warriors, or simply get in touch with our experts at 1300-LAZERTAG (1300 529 378) today!

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