Laser tag Sydney – General Questions

Laser tag Sydney is extremely popular among kids and grownups and hence many have lot of general questions in their mind with respect to laser tag games. So, what is laser tag? In simpler terms, it’s a high-tech hide and seek game where players need to use their laser gun to tag opponents by shooting at their sensor enabled vests while protecting their own vests.

How many people can play Laser tag Sydney? Depending on the event or party and the number of players intended, you can choose suitable laser tag arena to accommodate all. Normally, it can be a 10 versus 10 or higher, however both teams need to have equal number of players. What is the age suitability? Normally, laser tag games are suited for 5 year olds to adults offering laser tag guns suited to their age and abilities.

Are they real guns? No, they are toy phasers which have an Infra red based system. The gears are completely safe and the sensor enabled vests are available in different shapes and sizes.

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