Laser Tag Sydney – Basic Etiquettes for Laser tag games

A private laser tag Sydney game played between friends is subjected to more subjective rules, however when playing in corporate events, one is expected to follow basic etiquettes. For Laser tag Sydney, players must respect each other and understand that it’s a game at the end of the day. One shouldn’t be too emotional about the outcome, and just focus on enjoying the game.

Laser tag Sydney is a team game, however there may be players who are more skilled and want to bag all the kills for themselves. There shouldn’t be use of tape or string to set up trip wires as someone may just injure themselves if caught unaware.

Don’t mock others for what they wear. If some players want to dress up as star trek characters, it should be completely ok for others. Last but not the least, don’t deliberately cover your sensors to avoid being tagged. Follow the safety rules and always listen to the game marshal.

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