Choose from a range of options designed to excite and delight.

NightStalkers Add-on

$100 extra

Our NIGHTSTALKERS addon is an ideal for slumber Green and Red lasers behind a kid at a Youth Groupparties, sleepovers, backyard campouts, team building and youth groups! Scouts and Cadet Groups will also enjoy the “fog of war” from our smoke machine.

Play our new exclusive NIGHTSTALKER game – SPOTLIGHT!

This add-on includes some special equipment:

  • Discrete Glow-In-The Dark Player Identification.
  • LED markers for the ammo packs, med kits and team flags.
  • Smoke machine (for use on still nights) – great atmosphere for Spotlight & Zombies!

For extra fun for a evening or night party, you cannot go wrong wth the NighStalkers add-on!

NOTE – Players must be at least 9 years old to participate.

The playing area must be clear of bushes and low lying branches so that players can use the area safely. Whilst we always apply common sense when running our games, Laserwarriors does not take responsibility for ensuring that the area is safe for play.

  • Star Wars Trooper Poses with the Birthday Boy at a Kids Birthday Party
  • Captain Rex takes aim at a Star Wars Birthday Party for 7 year old kids
  • Young Jedis posing with laser tag equipment at a kid birthday party

Themed STAR WARS Crew

$50 extra per crew member in costume
A Star Wars themed party is the ultimate setting for Laser Tag! The original movie introduced the world to the idea of the laser blaster, and it still brings joy to millions of young fans around the world.

Our crew have great fun dressed up as Commander Cody, Captain Rex or even Princess Leia! Why not have a Clone Trooper attend your party and surprise the young Jedi?

If you prefer, we also have Cowboys n Indians, Super Heroes and Halloween Zombies – or just ask if you have a particular theme in mind, and we will do our best to accommodate.

*** Not available over Summer – it become too hot for our staff to wear the costumes!

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  • Star Wars Hosts pose at a Boys Birthday Party
  • Smoke machine creates a haze at a Backyard Birthday Party for kids
  • Child in a Superman costume, holding a laser tag blaster at a Kids Birthday Party in Sydney.

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