Laser Tag – Comparison with Nerf war parties

During Christmas there is a lot of demand for games which can be fun when played in a group of 10 to 30 players. While Nerf war parties can be fun to play at home, they are not so exciting for a larger group.

There are lot of differences between Nerf war parties and laser tag games. One has to wear eye protection with Nerf guns, whereas for laser tag, one doesn’t need to worry about flying projectiles. There is no way for accurate scoring in Nerf games, as it simply bounces off. In case of laser tag, use of sensors ensure accurate scoring and no cheating.

Games are pretty limited in Nerf war parties, whereas for Laser tag parties there is a huge games menu based on all favourite missions from popular video games. Nerf guns have a very short range which makes it very limited, whereas laser tag guns have a long range. Laser tag allows intense game play where team work, planning and communication holds the key to victory.

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