Laser Tag – Architectural Design of the Laser Tag Arena

Once you have identified the location, architectural design of the laser tag arena is the next important step. Once the site plan for the laser tag arena is agreed, the build out of the infrastructure and requirements of the arena are sorted out. With the site plan in place, the local architect needs to develop the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural requirements of the site to comply with the existing building codes. Once the draft plan is ready, the construction team needs to ensure that the infrastructure offers operational efficiency, cost efficiency and adherence to safety standards.
The Laser tag arena needs to be designed based on the identified player capacity, height requirements for the play structure, additional target considerations etc. The theme and décor options for the various playing options need to be decided and factored in. The briefing room placement, paint finishes, colouring options, area utilization, flooring finishing, electrical specifications, wall finishes and protection options are important considerations while designing the laser tag arena.

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