Laser Skirmish Sydney: Up the Challenge!

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Brightly coloured vests and plastic laser guns usually don’t make much of an appeal to teenagers and adults. But despite these seemingly childish equipment, a laser tag party can be much more challenging than what was originally thought. For instance, different game modes like ‘King of the Hill’ and ‘Capture the Flag’ require strategic thinking and solid teamwork in order to win. But aside from the game modes themselves, there are other ways to make laser tag more challenging and engaging.


Handicap settings are used to level the playing field.  This setting is usually applied in laser tag party battles between kids, their parents and older siblings. There are different ways to handicap the older or stronger player.

For instance, parents can be handicapped by giving them less ammo or less health compared to their kids. There is also an option where special classes of players like snipers, munitions officers or medics can be created. Kids can be made into classes that have higher levels of ammunitions or better blaster range like snipers. Also, incorporating different player classes is one way of making laser skirmish in Sydney more fun.

Game Settings

Aside from handicaps, another way of making the game more challenging is to set advanced game modes. One example is by turning off ‘friendly fire’ settings in the laser tag party. This means that you can be eliminated if your own teammate accidentally hits you and vice versa.

There are also “swap” options available. For instance, there is an “ammo swap” where different ammo packs are needed in order to reload. This will prevent players from camping around one ammo pack and force them to go out and run to find more ammo.

True Elimination

In some laser tag party games, if a player is hit, they can wait for thirty seconds and they can respawn and join the game again. However, in “True Elimination” games, players who are hit cannot respawn. This means they have to wait for the game to finish before they can play again. This way, players will be more careful and cautious about being wounded or hit. This is especially true if the team knows that losing a team member will negatively impact their strategy.

Challenging but Fun Mobile Laser Tag

If you are looking for a laser tag game that is both fun and challenging, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us up at 1300–529378. You can also leave a message in our contact page. We’re always happy to help you plan your laser tag party or answer any question you may have about our laser tag games.


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