Laser Skirmish Sydney – Health and Safety guidelines

There are many important health and safety guidelines which must be strictly followed during Laser skirmish Sydney. The only risks to players remain similar to any outdoor game like trip hazards, strings, low branches etc. Laser skirmish Sydney is a non-contact sport, therefore any behaviour that could cause injury to themselves or, other participants isn’t allowed.

Playing in a state of intoxication is prohibited in case of laser skirmish Sydney. Covering the sensors is against the spirit of the game. In case any player is wounded during laser skirmish Sydney, it is important to immediately notify the instructor.

Throwing and dropping the laser tag equipment which can cause costly repairs and damage is not allowed. Existing the laser skirmish Sydney without permission of the instructor is not allowed. It is important to be careful while moving across the laser tag arena to avoid obstacles which may cause injuries. Running through the arena during a laser skirmish Sydney game isn’t recommended as it increases the risk of slipping and falling onto other participants.

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