Laser Skirmish Sydney – Common Myths debunked

There are lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding Laser Skirmish Sydney, however it’s high time someone should set you straight about what laser skirmish Sydney is all about. Many feel Laser Skirmish Sydney is an indoor game, whereas the truth is that it can be played indoor, outdoors or both.

Many feel that Laser tag guns only work in the dark, whereas the truth is that laser tag guns work just as good in the day light as they do in the dark. Usually people think that laser skirmish Sydney is only for kids whereas the fact is that laser tag games are equally good for corporate events and team building events.

People feel that laser tag vests are huge and uncomfortable, however the truth is that laser tag uses a sensor design which allows light weighted vests with laser sensors attached. Laser skirmish Sydney uses infrared light which is invisible to the human eye and completely safe. Hence, no safety glasses are needed for Laser skirmish Sydney.

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