Laser Skirmish – Safety should be top priority

Although it is known as Laser skirmish, there is no real laser light being used during this game. It is basically a non contact sport with no age limit and promises to be great fun for everyone. As with any game, there are certain rules and safety instructions which must always be followed during the course of a laser skirmish.

There are certain prohibitions in laser skirmish like, none of the players must be playing in any state of intoxication, players shouldn’t direct their guns on people outside the laser tag arena. Players are advised not to cover their sensors, exit the game without permission, drop their weapons, disable the hardware to restore the number of lives, remain in the play arena after being tagged or, physically contacting the opponent.

Wear proper clothes to avoid tripping over and also look out for obstacles when moving as obstacles can cause loss of balance. In case any player is injured or needs medical assistance, immediately seek help from the instructor.

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