Laser skirmish – Outdoor Laser Tag game

Laser skirmish is the team combat simulation played outdoors which is filled with excitement and adrenalin. The players in a laser skirmish game use tagger guns to shoot their opponents with an invisible and harmless infrared beam. Unlike paintball, laser skirmish doesn’t involve any nasty bruises.

Laser skirmish games are heavily dependent on teamwork, communication and strategies. One needs to choose the playing arena carefully such that it offers ample opportunities to hide and attack. There would be professional guides who provide all instructions and equipment required to play laser skirmish. The group is split in two teams and dressed in camouflage before everyone is called for the mission briefing.

Every player is equipped with a laser tag gun and it completely depends on the team strategy on how to achieve their goal. The weapons used in a laser skirmish game are realistic in shape and weight. The guns are very accurate even in long range and some of them also include telescopic sights for long range sighting of opponents.

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