Is Laser Tag Safe as Games in Birthday Party for Kids?

Laser guns, laser swords—basically every combat toy with lasers integrated into them are very popular among young boys (and even girls) all over the world. In many cases, these toys become an integral part of their fantasy games like space hero games and the likes. However, some parents have expressed their concerns about letting their children play with these laser toys. Of course there’s the issue of learned violence and the likes (which begets a whole different article other than this), as well as the health related issues that comes with being exposed to laser. Well, if you’re suddenly having doubts as to whether a laser tag game is a good idea as one of the activities or games in birthday party for kids, then here’s a great explanation as to why you shouldn’t have any fears at all.


Laser Tag Games Are Safe

Yes, the lasers that are used in laser guns for laser tag in Sydney and everywhere else are practically very safe. The sensors that are used in many quality laser guns have been tested and regulated for safety, even for children. The lasers that are used in laser guns are not actual lasers, but in reality a kind of infrared light which is pretty much the same as those used in many remote controls for TV and other appliances. That being said, pointing and shooting a laser gun at a person is as harmless as pointing and using a remote control on a person.

Well, what pointing the laser gun and shooting it at a person’s eyes? Isn’t that dangerous? Again, no, it isn’t. In many studies conducted about the effect of laser guns on a person’s eyes, it has been found that they do not cause any damage to vision at all. The infrared rays that are emitted by laser guns are low frequency and low energy making them unable to inflict any form of damage whatsoever.

Perhaps the only danger that can be experienced by laser tag players are injuries during game play such as bruises from falling down. More hyper players may experience sprained ankles. However, if you contact us for your laser tag games, you can be sure that these unfortunate accidents won’t ever happen. As one of the premier companies that offer laser tag in Sydney, we will always have fully trained game marshals to watch over the players and the whole game to ensure that they are playing safely.

So if you’re looking for a fun and interesting game to play for your kid’s birthday party or teen birthday party, call us up at 1300–529378 or leave a message in our contact page.

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