How Does the Blaster Work For Your Laser Tag Party?

The laser blasters that people at your laser tag party will use are designed to be safe and easy to use. Kids and adults alike will have an easy time using these blasters. But what makes them special?

A Simple Grip

A laser blaster will come with a comfortable grip for left and right-handed shooters. The grooved body offers a convenient layout that is easy to hold.

No Blinding Materials

The laser features inside the gun are made with frequencies similar to what a television remote might produce. This allows for invisible light to be produced without the light being at risk of harming anyone.

A Useful Readout

A readout display will be included on the laser blaster. This shows the user how many shots are on the blaster and even one’s score depending on the model. It can also display when the user successfully shoots at a target and lands a hit. This is useful and easy to read although the layout varies by each blaster.

How Is the Range?

The range on a blaster can be relatively extensive. It can be around 50m or more depending on the light surrounding it. It is more accurate at shorter distances, thus encouraging people to get closer to the targets in a spot.

In terms of the radio contact, it can be read by a central computer from hundreds of metres away. This allows a scoring computer to review how the entire game is going assuming all people are within the proper range of that computer.

Don’t Forget the Weight

The weight of a laser gun is also easy to hold. It should be less than 1kg in weight. The batteries used to charge it up should be light in weight.

Look at what you will get from laser blasters for a party for kids birthday. Get in touch with us to see how well these can be used and how they make for a key part of any birthday activity.





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