How Did the Game of Laser Tag Originate?

It is indeed intriguing that many technologies that are commonplace these days emerged from military backgrounds. For instance, infrared cameras are easy to purchase nowadays. Many models of smartphones even feature the ability to take infrared images. These cameras have the ability to detect the heat emitted by any object. In addition, some cameras can even produce images with varying colours that correspond to a specific temperature grid. These cameras can produce images even in zero visibility conditions. This is why many security agencies use these cameras to keep important buildings and facilities under constant surveillance.

Similarly, the US Army was the first to use a series of laser combat guns for training purposes. These guns operated on the same principle as contemporary laser tag guns. In addition, they used infrared beams as well. Widely known as the Multiple Integrated Laser Management System (MILES), this training program imparted intense training skills to the soldiers in the army. The similarity with laser tag lay in the fact that soldiers fired beams into receivers for scoring hits.

The idea of designing an arena-based system for playing a scored version of laser tag occurred to a man called George Carter III. The idea came to him in 1977, as he watched the film ‘Star Wars Episode IV’. Five years later, Carter began designing the game. In 1986, laser tag toys became freely available in the market. As the fad wore off, the companies manufacturing these toys went out of business. But, a resurgence took place as people began to realise that these games were not just about fun and excitement. Playing laser tag helped the players acquire various other useful skills as well. In addition, many people considered laser tag as primarily suited for indoor gaming arcades and malls. But, laser tag is equally appropriate for playing outdoors. As a result, it is not just a game meant for kids of all ages. Even adults, especially those working in corporate set-ups, can derive a lot of benefits by playing it. Not for nothing is laser tag one of the best teen birthday party ideas that you should consider implementing.

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