How Are Scores Determined In Laser Tag Chatswood Events?

There are many parts of laser tag Chatswood residents love, especially when it comes to birthday parties. Laser tag is a game that can get lots of people in any Chatswood community together for a bit of fun and friendly competition. One unique part of laser tag is that the game entails a full scoring system to determine which teams and players are the best in a match. The scoring can be handled by a computer with wireless links set up all around the support a clear and accurate scoring system.

But it is important to see how the scoring works in a laser tag match. There are a few things to notice when getting this plan to work when looking at certain birthday party ideas.

General Hits

The number of hits that a player might get will be a key factor in one’s score. Sometimes the hits might be worth just one point, but in other cases they can entail three or five points depending on various things in a game.

Target Hits

Sometimes one person might be a target for a brief moment of time. A player may get more points if that person hits a certain target.

Special Pickups

Sometimes a field of play may include special pickups like health packs. A player might get bonus points for picking these up. This could work well for helping players to stay in the game and to also strategically restore points.

How Are Deaths Tallied?

After a while, a player might die from taking too many hits. Deaths can reduce the number of points that a player might get due to a penalty. In some cases, a death will result in the player being out of a match for a brief moment of time, thus reducing the player’s ability to score some more.

Look at what you can do when finding a game of laser tag Chatswood residents at a party can enjoy. Talk with Laser Warriors to see what types of games are available while also reviewing how the scoring setup for such a game can be run.

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