shooting laser tag blaster

The LaserWarriors sensor vest is light and adjustable to fit players of all sizes. Each vest has four sensors - one on the front, two on the shoulders and one on the back. They light up when you have been blasted by other players. They flash continuously if you have been Fragged and must respawn, or when you are 'The Wolf' in Martian Wolf (i.e. 'It' in Laser Tip)

laser tag vest how to wear

Our Crew will help fit the vest - (1) Just stick your arms out in front of your body and slip into the arm loops. (2) We will put the vest over your head and (3) check that the cable hangs loosely behind. (4) You just need to clip the Sensor Vest closed and adjust the strap for a snug fit. Then you are ready to get your Blaster!

laser tag rules

Rule - don't cover up your sensors during play - don't use your hands, other people, clothes or hair - its all unfair!

  • shooting laser tag blaster
  • laser tag vest how to wear
  • laser tag rules

The Sensor Vest

Laser Tag Sensor Vest Factsheet

  • Description: Lightweight, water resistant outdoor laser tag sensor vest, ideal for outdoor parties
  • Sensors: 4 infra red sensors ( front, back, left shoulder, right shoulder) for 360 degree coverage
  • Lights: 4 red light emitting diodes to signal hits and eliminations
  • Colour: Battle grey with cool orange piping
  • Team ID: 3 Team Identification Strips in team colours (red or blue)
  • Attachments: LaserBlaster safety lanyard
  • Size: Fully adjustable for boys and girls as young as age 6 – thru to teens and most adults.
  • Harness: Arm loops with single point chest harness.