Birthday Party Ideas: Excluding the Bully from the Guest List

Sometimes, not inviting the bully your kids birthday may appear to be the best of birthday party ideas. After all, it is your kid’s birthday party, and if they don’t want to invite the bully, then maybe it’s best that you don’t. But then, there may be some problems that will arise from excluding the bully from the guest list. What do you do then?

Dealing with the Parents

One thing you may have to deal with when you exclude the bully from the guest list is the parents. So be prepared when they decide to pay you a visit or talk to you. In many instances, these parents will feel that their child is the victim. They tend to think that your kid (and every other kid in the party) is bullying their child. How? By simply ignoring and not inviting their child to your kid’s birthday party, that’s how.

So what do you do when you find yourself face to face with the bully’s offended parents? First, you need to have a list of reasons why you chose not to invite the bully to the party. State any bad experience in the past and how fearful this made your child and other kids. However, do talk calmly and avoid being cruel, all the while being honest and forthright. Do mention also that you thought very hard about inviting their child, but that it didn’t seem like a good idea when you consider how they may negatively affect your kid and the other kids in your child’s birthday party.

Dealing with the Bully

Consider talking to your child about the possibility of the bully retaliating for not being invited to the party. In many cases, when the bully learns that they are not invited to the party, they may take it out on your child and his or her friends through more bullying. This is especially true when they know that they missed a particularly fun event like a game of laser tag.

If this happens, be sure to let your child know that this is not okay. They should immediately inform you or their teachers (if it happens in school) about the incident. Be sure to talk to the teacher as well and so that they can keep an eye on the children.

Some birthday party ideas will usually go beyond the scope of cakes and balloons. Sometimes, you have to make painful decision about who to invite in the party and who not to. But then again, what’s more important is that your child have a grand time during their party, whether that includes a game of laser tag or any other game.

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