Birthday Party Ideas: A Beginner’s Guide to Laser Tag

birthday party ideas


There’s no dearth of options when it comes to birthday party ideas. From traditionally popular birthday bashes to themed parties, there’s always something that can help you make this day extra special for your loved one. However, these tried and tested birthday party ideas might not please people who experience these things several times every year.

This is where a laser tag party can help you give your guests the experience of a lifetime. Including laser tag in the party is certainly one of the most exciting yet stress-free birthday party ideas for anyone.

As one of Sydney’s most experienced specialists for laser tag in the party, the experts at Laser Warriors have prepared this handy guide on how to ramp up your laser tag game.


Laser Tag in the Party: How to Become Good At Laser Tag?


1. Shoot like a Pro: Shooting is obviously the most important aspect of any laser tag game. If you’re a beginner and your opponent is at a short distance, you can get away by aimlessly shooting in your opponent’s direction. However, you’ll need to aim accurately to shoot someone at a distance. These skills will come as a result of practice.

2. Think And Move Strategically: Movements are an integral part of laser tag games. With a number of artificial obstacles at every step, moving quietly and steadily can be challenging. That’s why it’s so important to plan your each movement in a strategic manner when playing laser tag in the party. Try to include your entire team while planning at this stage to improve coordination and avoid confusion.

3. Speed and Accuracy: The winning formula in any laser tag game is rather simple – fire as many bullets as you can and as accurately as possible. Easier said than done; you might be thinking. Well, it’s quite possible you can make quick calculated movements while being in complete control. So, when you discover an opponent, it’s your duty to shoot him/her without thinking twice. Don’t wait for a perfect moment to make your move. Instead, keep striking and make the most of every small opportunity you get.


Whether kids or grownups, laser tag in party is a great birthday party idea for everyone, mainly because how unique and meticulously designed these games are. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Laser Warriors and book your laser tag event now. Get in touch with our experts at 1300 529 378 today!


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