A Zombie Laser Tag Game Is One of the Best Teen Birthday Party Ideas To Have

A laser tag party can be fun for all kinds of kids but for a teen birthday event, it’s time to up the ante. A zombie laser tag game is one of the best birthday party ideas to look for.

The concept of this laser tag party game is easy to understand. With this, you will have a game where a certain series of players will be the zombies. The goal is to not only take down the zombies but also avoid being hit by them.

A General Concept

To play a zombie-themed laser tag game, a series of points have to be used. To start, you must divide up the team based on specific people with certain roles. One team will be the regular players while the others are the zombies.

In this game, the zombies will aim to shoot the regular players. The others will have to shoot the zombies to beat them. The goal is for one team to get more points than the other.

A Special Twist

A key part of the zombie laser tag game is that it can entail a special series of rules where zombies can get enough points if the players don’t heal themselves sooner. For instance, if a player gets shot enough times by a zombie, that player will have to get a healing pack within a certain period of time. If that player doesn’t get it, that person loses points or the zombie team gets more. This is because the player has essentially become a zombie after being infected without being cured in enough time.

A healing pack can be placed somewhere in the playing field. This will work by allowing a player to use a blaster to scan a pack with a certain code on it. This could be used as a healing pack that restores the player’s health and keeps that player from becoming a zombie and losing points to the other team.

A zombie laser tag will make for one of the most exciting teen birthday party ideas to consider. This is a great type of game that will surely be fun for all kinds of teens to play thanks to the special arrangement used to make it stand out.

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