A Laser Tag Party For Boys Can Entail Zombies

Who doesn’t love zombies these days? We all talk about zombies and watch television shows and movies about them and play video games involving them too. It is no surprise that a boys birthday party would include an event where zombies play a big role. After all, boys seem to gravitate towards the undead more than girls do, although girls may enjoy zombies as well.

Specifically, a party can include a laser tag game that entails zombies. This would add a new dimension to any competition.

But how are those zombies going to be incorporated into the game? There are many ways how this can be planned out:

  1. Zombie Infestation. You can set up a laser tag party where a few players are listed as zombies and the others are human. When a zombie player successfully targets another, that person becomes a zombie. The goal is to defeat the zombie players before the zombies can take over the entire field.
  2. Humans vs. Zombies. Some games may include packs and health pickups listed in the middle of the field. These may be used by human players to keep them from becoming zombies. The rules of a game might state that a zombie player has more health but cannot pick up those health packs. This is to create a bigger sense of strategy in the competition.
  3. The Parasite Challenge. A tag game may include one player having a zombie parasite. The player in the laser tag party with that parasite will have to target other players on the field to spread the parasite. The person who has the parasite for the least amount of time in the match is the winner.

Bringing zombies into a boys birthday party can be fun, but having them involved in a laser tag competition can be even more entertaining. See what Laser Warriors can do for you when planning a laser tag party that brings the undead out.


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