6 Tips To Win At Laser Skirmish In Sydney

laser tag fun party in the park


By decorating your birthday party with bright colors and arranging laser skirmish in Sydney, you can throw the best party for kids’ birthday. Playing laser tag in the park can invigorate the little minds with thrill and adventure. Every guest would eye the grand prize but why not give extra perks to the birthday king/queen? Enlighten your young adult with the easy tips to conquer the quest with glory. 

Top Strategies to Win at Laser Tag

1. Laser Skirmish in Sydney Is A Non-Contact Game

Your little genius may excel at basketball or rugby at school but make him understand that he/she cannot knock someone down to the ground. If a player touches another player for removing him/her from the battlefield, the former will be disqualified. Hence, the player has to retreat to the graveyard.

2. Understand your Equipment before playing Laser tag in the park

The laser tag party is not the ideal place to be acquainted with the laser gear. It is wise to Unbox, test and play a few games before entering the battle arena. As a dutiful parent, you can show tutorial videos to your little soldier for giving a general idea about the Laser tag in the park.

3. Target the Newbie

As everything is fair in war, do not delay a moment to attack the new players, at first. In this way, your team can gather more points. Hence, look for the ones struggling with the laser gun and keep your score higher than anyone.

4. Analyse the Layout

If you team up with your child, study the entire battleground carefully. Understand the maze and plan your moves wittily. Look out for the safe hide-outs from where you can get the whole view of the arena. Of course, make sure that the spot protects your back.

5. Keep Laser Skirmish in Sydney Fun

Sportsmanship is the key essence to have a great time, and your little one’s team must not forget that. Teach him losing is a part of life only to learn better tactics to win. Of course, there is no guilt in hiding sensor and trying out playful dubious acts for increasing the excitement level.

6. Go for Sweep Move

The experienced players are all in for the sweep feature in the laser gear nowadays. Sweep the gear in a half circle for multiple or single targets. Then pull it trigger and the gunfire will easily take several enemies down.

Looking To Host Laser Skirmish in Sydney? Get In Touch With Laser Warriors

Arranging a party for kids’ birthday is no joke, and we, at Laser Warriors, understand how burdensome it can get. That’s why; give our experts a call any time to launch the perfect battlefield equipped with laser latest gears. Visit Laser Warriors or contact us at 1300-LAZERTAG (1300 529 378) today!

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