3 Ways To Elevate Your Laser Tag Party

Your child probably attends dozens of birthday parties a year but his expectation is always higher with the one thrown by his parents. Now, when it comes to boys’ birthday party, parents desire to choose a theme based on the kid’s interest. However, there is a certain degree of difficulty in choosing the right colour for theme or cake. As the leading experts for laser tag in Sydney, we are presenting some of the coolest laser tag party ideas to end your brainstorming session.

Celebrate Boys’ Birthday Party with Laser Tag in Sydney

One of the best ways to celebrate boys’ birthday party includes laser beams and spaceships. Shaping your youngster’s wildest fantasy, in reality, you can add a fully customised blue and black (chocolate-flavoured) cake and party favours. To make your laser tag party unique, the walls can be decorated with blue crepe paper for reflecting the entertaining party theme.

Make sure that the theme remains simple and pours out crazy fun look. Also, do not forget about the following items for presenting a captivating boys’ birthday party.  

  1. Wall Decorations – Blue, black, and orange balloon garlands on the wall make the party perkier. A balloon in the shape of the targets number in the middle of the room will add a thrilling touch.
  2. Snacks – Yellow and blue icing on the donuts with colourful sprinkles on top will match with the theme. Dark chocolate cupcakes with laser gun topping will vanish, instantly.
  3. Party Favours – Go for black, yellow, blue, red, and orange notepads, pencils, and erasers that scream laser tag. Put up a mini piñata in the shape of a laser tag filled with little candies.

Looking To Host a Boys’ Birthday Party? Get In Touch With Laser Warriors!

If you are still not convinced what makes the addition of the laser gun in the boys’ birthday party the best, call the professionals at Laser Warriors today. Get in touch with us to get the best laser tag package that can rock your little guests’ socks off. With the latest features in our laser equipment, adventure level will be tripled. For more information, visit Laser Warriors, or contact us at 1300-LAZERTAG (1300 529 378) today!

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