3 Unforgettable Boys’ Birthday Party Ideas

All year long, kids look forward to their favorite day. And, for mom & dad, there’s nothing like seeing the wonder in their birthday boy’s eyes, as he blows the candles out on his cake to the tune of the “Happy Birthday” song.

But, to make your son’s special day truly unforgettable, throw him the best birthday bash of his life.

Of course, what makes a boy’s birthday party really memorable isn’t the venue, the cake or even the presents – it’s how much fun is in store for him and his friends. Sure, kids have different tastes and interests. But there are some birthday party ideas so awesome, they’re guaranteed to make any kid happy.

Here are 3 unforgettable boys’ birthday party ideas that leave lasting impressions every single time:


#1 – Have a Private Laser Tag Showdown

Laser tag is a favorite for boys of all ages. It’s not only an immensely exciting activity, but also a powerful way to exercise your body and mind. With game options like ‘King of the Hill” and “Capture the Flag,” the key to winning is strategy and teamwork.

The kicker is – you don’t need to rent out a local arcade to throw your very own laser tag party for kids birthday. Choose from various packages to find one that fits your specific needs. You can even pick your own venue!


#2 – Rent a Bounce House

Every child loves jumping around in an inflatable bounce house, even if they’re sharing it with dozens of kids they don’t know. For a boy, the only thing better than having a bouncer all to himself, is inviting his friends to join in the fun!

A decent bounce house rental will only cost you about 800-1,000AUD. However, if it gets damaged, you can add another “0” to that estimate. (Kids will be kids.)


#3 – Hire a Professional Magician

A top-notch professional magician will impress both the kids and their parents. Plus, the birthday boy will get to feel extra-special when he’s asked to be the magician’s assistant.

Though the shows tend to be quite short (under an hour,) most performers tend to stay for at least one encore. You can decorate your backyard with red curtains, confetti and serve up some appropriate treats to add a unique touch to your boy’s birthday party theme.

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